Since surrounding trees have all gone green, several sycamores on lawns along Little Crum Creek are conspicuously bare these days.  

Their shriveled brown leaves seem to be symptomatic of sycamore anthracnose.  The fungus apiognomonia veneta winters on the trees and spreads by wind and rain during early spring’s cool wet weather, accounting for defoliage seen around Delaware County. 

I’m told that our ailing sycamores should naturally recover as the temperature warms.  Look for them to re-leaf sometime in late June or July.  Otherwise, severely affected sycamores might need professional treatment, probably early next spring, after an accurate diagnosis.  In the meantime, we’ll continue to clean up and maintain our sycamores, as we’re well used to doing! 


Affected sycamore along Crum Creek


Unaffected sycamore near Little Crum Creek