The Great Blue Heron resides year-round in Pennsylvania.

But, here on Little Crum Creek, it most visibly strides upstream at the start of spring.

By mid-May, the flowering boxelder in this video is full of leaves, and nearby knotweed reaches six feet.

Then it’s easier to spot the large heron in more open waters.

Just downstream, one fishes from the dam beneath the bridge at Ridley Park Lake. 

Still others cast their patient eyes nearby at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Tinicum, a freshwater tidal marsh where the Muckinipattis, Darby, and Hermesprota Creeks meet the Delaware River:


Surely our visiting heron is familiar with Tinicum.  Perhaps some of the heron’s fellow wetland denizens also make their way to Little Crum Creek.

The refuge posts a list of recent bird sightings to give us an idea of who those visitors could be.