The quickly moving chickadee inspires a particular affection.

Often meeting a common need in the calm between crowds at area feeders, it tends to visit, retreat, and pick the seeds at its feet on a nearly distant limb.

Then, soon, spotting others arrive, it disappears for the time up or down the creek.

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According to bird maps and guides, black-capped chickadee and Carolina chickadee ranges overlap here in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Complicating attempts to identify them, these already similar-looking birds are said to hybridize:  one might display characteristics of both.

Since I can’t confidently say which chickadee we’re seeing here on Little Crum Creek, I’m including several shots from various times and angles this winter.

Based on these, what might you say:  black-capped, Carolina, or hybrid chickadee?

And are you seeing some around your way?

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