The Place

Little Crum Creek flows through a yard I visit, part of a narrow corridor of woodland stream in Delaware County, southeastern Pennsylvania.

Assorted plants and creatures make their home here.

This is where we live.

Let’s see what’s happening…


The Blog

View frequently updated posts documenting plants and animals along Little Crum Creek.
Most pictures are made within a space of about 30 square yards along the creek.

Explore the growing lists of life along Little Crum Creek with easy links to every plant and animal that’s been featured on the Home page.

Tour Little Crum Creek’s wider geographical and historical place in the surrounding Crum Creek watershed.

Research a bibliography of useful histories, maps, and links pertaining to Little Crum Creek and Crum Creek.


The People

Identification can be tricky, histories debatable, and subjects elusive…
Your observations, additions, and corrections are welcome & invited.


48 Responses to “About”

  1. Jim Butt Says:

    I’m new to Hillside Rd, along LCC, I think. The northern bank appears to be crumbling, possibly endangering the roadway over time. Is there information about this area downstream of the ball park bridge? Thanks.

    1. Scott Says:

      Hi Jim. Within the past few years, some planting and stabilization work was done in that area. Have you seen the links on my sidebar? Under the heading “Crum Creek Watershed Background,” check out “Little Crum Creek Stream Stabilization.” I think that will address the area you mention.

      For more details, or to speak to someone about particulars, you might try Ridley Park Borough and/or the Chester-Ridley-Crum Watersheds Association.

      I hope that will be helpful.

  2. Dan Proud Says:

    Another naturalist with some enthusiasm for animals without a backbone! Great stuff! I look forward to following along.

    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks, Dan. If they’re out here, I want to know about them. It sure helps to read blogs like yours along the way.

  3. Daphne Shadows Says:

    I have awarded you with the Inspiring Blogger Award! For details, see my post here:

    If you don’t want to make a post on the award, just take this as a compliment and don’t worry about it. No hurt feelings here. Just know that I like your blog. 😉

    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks, Daphne. I’m delighted to know Little Crum Creek’s inspirational influence on me me trickles out to writers like you. Really glad you found it and truly appreciate your visits!

      1. Daphne Shadows Says:

        😉 Thank you.

  4. snowbirdpress Says:

    I love the rich resource links you provide… It’s great exploring through your eyes.

    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks! I’ve hoped to make a gateway to the watershed through a small part of Little Crum Creek, and it’s great to have you along. I enjoy your visits!

  5. Good for you for staying with a relatively small area and getting to know it well. So much goes on everywhere in nature if we just look long enough.

    Steve Schwartzman

    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks, Steve, and so true. I’m sure to run out of time on LCC before I run out of subjects!

  6. daphneshadows Says:

    I just clicked onto your blog and what were the first things I saw? Snakes, spiders, and a bee! I think I’m going to like your blog. 😉

    1. Scott Says:

      I hope so … there’s more slithering, crawling, stinging stuff where that came from. Welcome!

      1. daphneshadows Says:

        Awesome news! Thanks 😉

  7. Kathleen Says:

    Love your blog! Nominated you today for The Versatile Blogger award. Pls see post at: Use the VB graphic if you want (just copy&paste). “Rules” of award: link to blog that gave it; tell 7 things about yourself; link to 15 more blogs you like/follow. Congratulations, and thanks for the sweet work. Kathleen

    1. Scott Says:

      Hi Kathleen,

      I’m honored and delighted to know you drop in on Little Crum Creek with me.

      I once heard that, in all we do, people are always just saying “please” or “thank you.”

      Lots of us have the “please” part down. It’s nice to be part of your “thank you” over at “Living in Gratitude.”


  8. Kathy Says:

    Very nice site! Your pictures are great! There is just so much to observe once we stop to look. Thanks for stopping by Maywood Living.

    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks, Kathy. Glad you stopped by. There’s more than I could ever hope to cover here. But it’s fun trying! Maywood seems a great kind of living. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Scott,
    What a comprehensive blog! and an invaluable introduction to the beauty of Little Crum Creek. I enjoyed sampling your vast menu of butterflies, birds, insects, wildflowers (Wow!), landscape and so much more.
    Thank you for your visits to Each is noticed and appreciated. We both have a lot more to do ahead of us.
    Jeff Zablow

    1. Scott Says:

      Hi, Jeff. Great to see you here. I really enjoy the incredible clarity of your butterflies and hope to see a good amount of them along LCC and other spots here on this side of the state. Thank goodness for so much to do!

  10. jkgphotos Says:

    I saw your Black-throated Blue Warbler and he’s so handsome. Wish I’d see that species here in Wisconsin. Thanks for visiting my blog. You also have amazing photos.

    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks, Joleen. Glad to hear from you on LCC! You got a great bead on the black and white warbler, another one that’s been so elusive for me.

      1. jkgphotos Says:

        Thanks Scott and I continue to look for more unique warblers.

  11. j3w3lw33d Says:

    Scott, I thought you might enjoy this blog i have come across. It is very thorough and many posts about insects, birds and and plants in georgia. Check it out.

    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks, Sean. I will.

    1. Scott Says:

      And my great pleasure to be listed among the blogs you’ve featured. Thank you, Jen!

  12. Gerry Says:

    This was a happy discovery. Among the things I like to write about–I am very distractible–are the plants and animals and natural phenomena Around Here (in northern lower Michigan on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay). Your photos are better than mine and you know more about identification so I expect I will be Over There learning things and posting links to them. Very absorbing stuff.

    1. Scott Says:

      Glad you found some LCC, Gerry. I really appreciate your commitment to a particular place over at Torch Lake Views. We’re learning every day on our respective spots of water and land, aren’t we?

  13. jillsbooks Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Scott. This is fantastic! I love your interesting commentary. My son is studying environment/biology now and your observations/photos make me think of his way of seeing the world. Beautiful.

    1. Scott Says:

      Thank you, Jill. There’s some much to learn out here. It’s hard to believe we could ever be filled with anything but wonder and a will to witness it all.

  14. In the spirit of the foregoing comment, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. See

    1. Scott Says:

      I’m doubly honored, Deborah, and even more tempted to keep bees since following your site. Thank you.

  15. Hi Scott! I have enjoyed following your adventures and discovered treasures along LCC for some time now and truly enjoy your writing and your photos. I always look forward to another post from you!

    And with that said, I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award. The rules to follow to accept this award can be found on my last post. Congrats, you deserve it! And please keep up the great work and explorations of LCC!

    1. Scott Says:

      Thank you, Donna. I always look forward to your visits. And I’m especially honored to be nominated by someone whose incredible site continually inspires me!

  16. seekraz Says:

    I wouldn’t think to add or correct anything…but I think I’ll enjoying following along.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today…and for letting me know you were there. Now I know you’re here, too.

    I hope to see you around.

    1. Scott Says:

      I echo the sentiment. Your images are quite evocative. Looking forward to more.

      1. seekraz Says:

        Thank you for the nice words…will look forward to your visits.

  17. E. Abbe Says:

    What a surprise seeing this website. This used to be my backyard! Had no idea it was “park worthy”. We used to fish, wade and play in the field. There were trees(including willows) along the creek, the rest of the space was a large field. We lived at 210 Swarthmore Ave. on the hill from about 1950-55.

    1. Scott Says:

      I’m glad you found us, E. Your old house still overlooks an open field bordering the upper reaches of Little Crum Creek in Swarthmore. Details about the history & characteristics of LCC Park can be seen on slide #9 at:

      Recently, some of the park was restored to wetland conditions hosting a variety of native plant species. Many of the non-native, invasive species that you might encounter here on the blog (and which characterize the greater part of LCC downstream in Ridley Township) have been removed from Little Crum Creek Park.

      It’s a great little spot and probably one of the few undeveloped parcels along the stream that could still be recognizable from the 1950s.

      It would be great to hear more of your adventures along LCC!

  18. Tony Says:

    Great work, Scott. I enjoy the “latest posts” option. Well written. I’ve passed this site on to several friends who have homes in Swarthmore with Little Crum Creek running in their back yards. I am sure they will find it intersting and informative. Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Scott Says:

      Sounds good! I’d like to hear what people are seeing along the creek.

  19. Tom Says:

    Scott–Such precise and beautiful observations of these small natural worlds really help us to come to grips with and at least understand in part our larger one. Congratulations and thanks for your contribution in bringing our attention to it.


    1. Scott Says:

      Hey, thanks Tom – keep stopping by!

  20. Natty Bumppo Says:

    G… great stuff. Have been angling further west than normal due to great hold-over population on the EB Brandywine… Should be in your neck soon. The blue heron is fantastic…may be my favorite bird right now. There is a breeding pair on the EBB that has been flying barely over my head the last three days out, can feel the wind from their wings on my neck. I almost got ran over by a kingfisher as well. Pretty cool experiences. Sorry about the pseudonym…have to protect the innocent.  Hawkeye

    PS have subscribed to your page via my RSS reader… please keep it rolling. I really dig


    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks, Hawk! I find it helps to be a little like Radar in waiting out birds –guessing on when and where they’ll be, then waiting on sight or sound (or some sense) of them. Sounds like if you just blend in and fish with them, that works too!

  21. dan grapin Says:

    The marvels of little crum creek. The childhood memories of fishing, swinging from a rope swing, rafting, and celebrating the Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn adventureas that every young boy should experience.From making bow and arrows fom the brush to even ice skating when the cold came upon us. And during all our good times, we thought we were alone. No , we shared it with the animals..racoons, foxes, deer, and the occasional tic. Little crum creek, a way of life.

    1. Scott Says:

      To be sure, Dan, Crum Creek is our place. A place of adventure and passage. The root and measure of subsequent explorations. Perhaps by knowing it, we get better acquainted with ourselves.

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