A niece discovered this parson spider crossing the living room floor.

But, at half an inch, it can be easy to miss.   Despite the silk-extruding spinnerets visible on its back end, the parson won’t spin a conspicuous web in the air.

It hunts by contact, usually at night, and on the ground.

In fact, some nocturnal battle with unyielding prey could explain its missing leg.

This, I believe, is Hentz’s orbweaver, neoscona crucifera.

Every evening we try to avoid walking through the artisan hunter’s impressive new wheel-like web.

It spans the doorway from awning to fence and, by morning, is tattered by nocturnal hunting success.

Then, in light of day, the spider generally tucks away in the shelter of a corner window edge.

Here it ventures forth to snag and wrap a stink bug snack for later.





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