Wu-men’s words meet Little Crum Creek — what then?

This is the best season of your life.”

This is the season…

This is…



*Quoted verse from Wu-men Huikai, “[Ten thousand flowers in spring]”.




IMG_6377 (2)

Several days before, I’d seen this gentle, solicitous sow
transport a newborn kit by mouth from one tree cavity to another.

IMG_6336 (2)

Then one day a high lonesome cry filled the air,
answered only by a soothing reply, encouraging the youth to venture forth
on trunk and limb, which it did, eventually, with trepidation and a helping paw…

IMG_6340 (2)

IMG_6347 (2)IMG_6346 (2)

IMG_6421 (2)

 leaving them both exhausted and ready for a long afternoon nap

IMG_6404 (2)

 in the shelter of their leafy home.


Bonus Material: Behind the Scenes …






IMG_5359 (2)


IMG_5422 (2)


IMG_5448 (2)


IMG_5474 (2)

from the leaf bed.



IMG_0856 (2)

Here by the autumn creekside,

IMG_0872 (2)

a stealthy fox emerges from cover

IMG_0866 (2)

to prey upon a squirrel

IMG_0871 (2)

 that nimbly leaps away.

IMG_0896 (2)

And here the next morning, back set to the sun, the fox bends to it again.


IMG_8199 (3)

Here’s how it looks

IMG_8186 (2)

to reason with the bucks

IMG_8200 (2)

about eating from a garden.

. . .



LCC 068 (2)

 One might never tire of watching a woodchuck waddle away,

LCC 058 (2)

but it’s a special thrill to sit upon its path some inviting spring morning

LCC 063 (3)

when it might come curiously close,

LCC 065 (3)

as if face to face with an old friend,

LCC 066 (3)

returning along its well-worn way. 




Thanks to spring blooms that fed the bees
that pollinated the flowers that produced fall’s fruit,
a gray squirrel dangles from hind legs, to pluck a ripe crabapple,
and nibble the food in its paws on a nearby branch.



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