Distant ripples on Little Crum Creek signal the visit of a young Green Heron.

Dark cap, striped breast, and brown plumage all blend with the sandy creek bank’s morning shade.

But the heron’s bending golden legs step visibly into stillness.

Achieving a vantage to stand and fish, it is not easily perturbed.



The Great Blue Heron steps gingerly through the shallow current, as nearly approaching stillness in movement as I have seen.  The surrounding stream seems to slow under his gaze.100_3797crop

He is fishing, steadily lowering his head to the catch.  In a moment, he is tall again, the fish hanging limply, crossways in his bill.

In a motion, the fish is sliding down his throat.

The heron’s stillness in water makes him easy to miss. He is, however, as palpable in air as imperceptible in water. All will be ruffled by his sudden clap of effort to lift from the stream. Other times, one can somehow sense the charge of his soaring arrival even before the darkening sweep of his huge shadow whispers over the brush.

Look, then, above the water’s corridor and enjoy his sailing on a current of air.

This picture was taken at the end of March before the knotweed began to obstruct a clear view of his frequented spot.