IMG_7068 (2)

Every power of concentration must meet in vision to make out
a tiny gnat ogre (in the family of robber flies) watching for even tinier prey
at a narrow tip of milkweed.









Looks like a wasp or a bee. So does that and the other. Especially when darting around the flowers with a large bumble bee.

But all three are probably hoverflies, flower flies, or syrphids, whichever name you prefer [see comment 1 for correction].  It’s the big eyes (like a fly) and the single pair of wings (unlike a bee, which has two pairs) that distinguish them.

Flower flies look like wasps or bees, but that’s just a protective ruse. Some even poise their abdomen to strike but have no stinger. Fun to find.  Good pollinators.

Does anyone want to take a stab at which kind of flower flies these are? Perhaps the black and yellow one is syrphus rebesii?

Several other kinds are out here working the flowers, eluding the camera. Come to think of it, that bumble bee hovering about … maybe not a bee after all. Volucella bombylans, perhaps?