IMG_3703 (2)

Last summer uncovered a colony of leaves all in mottle like trout that swim.
But not a flower stood among them.

IMG_3746 (2)

Fortunately, some weeks earlier on a nearby stroll, a friend
had introduced me to the blooming trout lily.

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We’re now prepared to meet the flowers of Little Crum Creek that, save this brief and delicate week in April, are either a long time coming or a long time gone.

IMG_3907 (2)IMG_3743 (2)IMG_3717 (2)

And knowing what to expect, both this spring and next,
from opening come morning till closing toward night,
we can all visit while they last.

IMG_3751 (2)


Vestige of summer, and brightest of autumn’s early colors,


a yellowing ash tree in the sun yet unleaves its burning tongues


to winds that whisper a nearing winter and fallen moments gone.