I once spotted an osprey perched over the water at Ridley Creek State Park.

That’s not far from the Springton Reservoir where it might easily dive for fish.

But I’ve since harbored little expectation of ever seeing one over Little Crum Creek.

Then there it was, downstream, April 10, soaring high and low in broad circles over Ridley Park Lake,  dipping, breaking, and rising for about 5-10 minutes before disappearing someplace north.

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This raptor visit called for a specialist.

My nephew, who recently wrote a grade school report on ospreys, said that maybe the bird was fishing, looking for a good place to nest, or just migrating.

For more osprey insights, and for lots of extraordinary pictures, consider visiting Bay Photos by Donna.  In this post, Donna documents an osprey family’s full nesting season on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

Thanks to her lens on life there, I recognized our visitor here straight away.