IMG_6377 (2)

Several days before, I’d seen this gentle, solicitous sow
transport a newborn kit by mouth from one tree cavity to another.

IMG_6336 (2)

Then one day a high lonesome cry filled the air,
answered only by a soothing reply, encouraging the youth to venture forth
on trunk and limb, which it did, eventually, with trepidation and a helping paw…

IMG_6340 (2)

IMG_6347 (2)IMG_6346 (2)

IMG_6421 (2)

 leaving them both exhausted and ready for a long afternoon nap

IMG_6404 (2)

 in the shelter of their leafy home.


Bonus Material: Behind the Scenes …






100_3874cropA couple of raccoons dropped by for a forage and climb.

The first skedaddled at first sight.  But the other paid little mind.

He looked around a bit, then went right up the tree, climbing easily on the ivy.

A couple of summers ago, an  entire raccoon family would ascend this tree upon a gradual tangle of sturdy vines.  One by one, the family would climb, each piling in a leafy crux of limb and trunk until the last one reached the others.  Then they’d climb higher together, straight up the ivy.

Looks like the raccoons will do just fine without the old vines.