By Ridley Park Lake, the blue-green spread of Persian speedwell is a colorful complement to the stands of purple deadnettle.

But, being just a third of an inch wide, these floral specks might hardly register with a casual passer-by.

They rather reward the vantage of, say, a robin feeding in grass.

And this better perspective might help explain another common name for the Eurasian species:  birdeye (or bird’s-eye) speedwell.

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For a time, before spring’s first mowing, a mass of purple deadnettle dominates a slope by Ridley Park Lake.

Like the ground ivy growing nearby, it is a member of the mint family from Europe and Asia. 

But unlike the low-lying creeper, purple deadnettle’s free-standing habit and flowers can’t escape the approaching mower’s blades.

Just a week since these pictures, they’re already gone. 

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