The library provides a bibliography of all works cited on the “Ramble”
page and includes some other useful sources. There are some Quick Links at the end.


A Bibliography 
of Little Crum Creek

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Quick Links

As you can see, a wealth of information about Delaware County is available. Several terrific people are happy to help find it.  Here are the websites of some who have been particularly helpful to me.

Chester-Ridley-Crum Watersheds Association, Crum Creek

Delaware County History (Delaware County Historical Society)

Delaware County History (Keith Lockhart)  (rich resource; check out the maps)

Delaware County Library System

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Crum Creek Page

Philly H2O: The History of Philadelphia’s Watersheds and Sewers (Adam Levine)

Swarthmore College’s Watershed Website (Watershed studies by Dr. Arthur McGarity, et al.)

Swarthmore Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College (Each atlas map on the “Ramble” page was photographed at Friends Library)

The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College

The Thomas Leiper House  (Take the tour some weekend)




2 Responses to “Library”

  1. Love that you took the time to make a library. Very considerate and helpful to those who wanted a bit more information on “X”. I haven’t come across a blog yet willing to create a library, well done.

    1. Scott Says:

      Thanks for noticing Blue. I couldn’t have written the “Ramble” page without this rich bibliography. I hope it can be as useful & rewarding to other explorers as it’s been for me.

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